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What guarantees that the customer will get the right product?

1. At the beginning of the work we develop the terms of reference, which, point by point, determine the needs of the customer, in order to fully comply with all requirements.

2. After the establishment of technical specifications developed layout (design) of the site. which approves the customer.

3. In the process of working with clients are consulted.

4. Full payment for services performed after complete delivery of the project.

All the above factors ensure the most accurate of the project, on request of the client.

Do you provide all
necessary documentation?

Yes. If necessary, we can provide the whole package documents you need:

  • contract
  • act works
  • vouchers
  • bank details
  • and other documents you need

The package of documents available, both for taxpayers and for individuals.

Do you conduct consultations after the delivery of the project?

Yes. We always stay in touch with our customers.

In addition, after the delivery of the project, in addition to customer site receives detailed instructions with photos to work with the site. If necessary, you can create video lessons.

Also, when ordering hosting for a site in our company, you receive free support to update the software.



Services and prices

You determine the cost of your site

usl icon des
Web Design

design development site of any complexity, there are several possible

from $35.

usl icon dev
Website Development

development of sites of any complexity, from business cards to the portal site or online store

from $80.

usl icon adapt

Site adaptation to different screen sizes, such as tablets, phones ...

from 40$.

make an order

The cost of developing the site is directly dependent on the workload. The customer himself determines which modules or features must fulfill his website, as well as a complexity of its design will be executed. So you create for yourself the cost of their product. The base price of the site (site card with a simplified design) - 1500 UAH., Further to the base price, the value added of various features and applications.

The products we develop

An example of the finished project


thumb ekonomopal

Economical heating


Kiev, Ukraine


The cost of the project:



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Contact Information

we are always in touch


  contact numbers

+38 098 218 37 66

+38 063 664 54 13


  Skype: accent-rus

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